Dark Woods Residency at Great Art Store,

The Concept

Chris Godber

The Dark Woods Project is an art project I am creating to explore the dark side of human nature and the mind via the medium of the woods.

The Dark Woods is a term I have coined to describe a recent body of work which use forest and woods as a metaphor for probing the shadier sides of my imagination. 

To further my exploration of this concept I want to move beyond the personal iconography which my own mind creates, and with this in mind I have created The Dark Woods Project website which will be most active during a residency at the GreatArt store in London. 

The Purpose 

During my residency  aim to produce work based on images and text gathered from the public, using these snippets of text and images to form new work in painting and drawing.

I will live stream the entire event on this website and users will be able to interact with the residency via submitting what the dark woods means to them, as well as exploring the 3D environment I have built with PlayCanvas called the Dark Woods – a virtual representation of this mythical and mental space 

Chris Godber – Artist